Log in to a service

For more information about other systems we deliver, please see our Service catalogue.  Useful information and links to other University systems can also be found on our Work remotely page.

General services

Email Log in for web-based email and other Nexus365 services
Manage your account Log in to register for your Single Sign-On account (used to access Nexus365 and other University systems) or to manage your account
Self-registration Log in to self-register for a Remote Access (VPN) account, change your Single Sign-On password, view or change your Nexus365 email settings 
SharePoint Online Log in for collaborative working and information sharing

Professional Services and University administration

Please note, some of these systems require VPN to log in.

DARS The University's Development and Alumni Relations System (requires VPN)
PeopleXD System for personnel and recruitment administrators, as well as pay approvers (requires VPN)
Oracle Financials Financial Systems Support Centre (requires VPN)
Student Systems The various systems that underpin student administration across Oxford
IT Purchasing Purchasing forms for managed IT equipment in UAS and Bodleian Libraries                                             

Teaching and learning

Canvas (Virtual Learning Environment) Log in to create, store or access materials that support teaching and learning