Governance, strategy and policies

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We develop, contribute to and implement the policies, governance and strategies relating to digital services across the University.


The governance of digital services in the University comes under the Information and Digital Committee, which reports to Council, the University’s main policy-making body. The committee is supported by Portfolio committees which oversee the services within a key area of activity.


The University has developed an IT Strategic Plan  to ensure its members get the maximum benefit from IT – whether in research, teaching and learning or administration.

IT Services works with partners in the divisions, departments and colleges to ensure its successful implementation.  

Policies and guidelines

Everyone who uses the University's IT facilities – staff, students and visitors – must follow the IT regulations and policies (also known as IT Regs or IT Rules). The IT Regulations give guidance on the use of IT, together with rules and policy statements on specific issues (such as data protection, cloud services or social media) and compliance with external legal requirements.

Other policies, standards, procedures and guidelines have been created to help with compliance with the IT Regulations.