Microsoft Stream Classic closing

Have you ever pressed record on a Teams meeting or webinar? If yes, then this article is for you, and you need to take action if you want to keep control over recordings that you have saved in Microsoft Stream Classic. 

What’s happening to Stream Classic? 

Previously, your recordings of Teams meetings and webinars saved automatically to Microsoft Stream Classic. In 2021, Microsoft changed this so that recordings were saved to your OneDrive instead, but you could still upload videos to Stream Classic for sharing and editing, and many people at Oxford University have done this.  

Microsoft is now winding down Stream Classic and you will be unable to upload new videos from 15 August 2023. Microsoft will close the service permanently on 15 February 2024.

This change does not impact your use of Stream (on SharePoint) which gathers together all video content you own or have access to across the Nexus365 service.

What you can do now  

To retain control over your content, anyone with videos saved in Stream Classic should: 

  1. Delete videos you don’t want to keep – this includes test videos and anything you won’t need in the future. 
  2. Download and save your files to another location as soon as possible. Make sure you include your caption/transcription files if edited or created separately.  

Next steps 

See Wind-Down and Closure of Microsoft Stream (Classic) for details about the closure and recommended actions to take, including where to store any videos you wish to keep. More details about this service change will be released over the next few months.   

Remember, Microsoft will close the service permanently on 15 February 2024 and any content left will be permanently unavailable. 

Further information 

NUGgets of Wisdom talk about Microsoft Stream – 29 June 2023 

Join us on 29 June 2023 at 10.30am (rescheduled time) for our next NUGgets of Wisdom talk where we will be comparing Microsoft Stream (on SharePoint) - the modern service, and the Microsoft Stream Classic service as well as discussing migration options and other topics relating to the service transition.  

Useful links 

Visit the University’s SharePoint home page, SharePoint help page or IT Services website for updates about the Stream Classic closure over the coming months.