OxFile closing permanently on 19 June 2023

The OxFile service will be closing permanently at midday on Monday 19 June 2023 and will no longer be available for use after that date. Any data or files left in OxFile will be unavailable after the service closes. 

What should I use instead of OxFile? 

With similar capabilities to OxFile, OneDrive is a good alternative for large file transfer requirements and can be used in the same way. Guidance on switching to OneDrive has been published on the IT Help website.  

Before transferring files, we also recommend that you review the guidance for classifying and sharing information securely at Oxford.  

Actions for everyone 

If you:  

  • Recommend OxFile to others: please update links on your websites or other locations to refer to alternative services.  
  • Use OxFile: please start to use OneDrive instead.  

Finding help for using OneDrive 

Guidance for using OneDrive to transfer files can be found on the IT Help website. But if you have problems using OneDrive instead of OxFile, please contact the central IT Service Desk  who will be happy to help.