Oxford University scheme helps local schoolchildren

The Devices4Schools scheme was launched by Oxford University at the end of February and devices generously donated by the University community are already helping schoolchildren.

Svetlana, the first donor to the Devices4Schools scheme, shared the story of her laptops and her experience of donating them to this worthwhile cause:

I am pretty sure most of us have that unloved laptop from the older days lying around, waiting for some proverbial 'spare time' to get it sorted. I had two. One was a social lifeline for a disabled person, to connect them to friends and family.  When a new superfast one came along, the old computer, while fully functional, was retired. It always looked like a daunting task to get it recycled properly - now I am glad I didn't take another route. This scheme felt so right to give our good old workhorse second life and give a disadvantaged child a better opportunity to learn. For me personally, the best part of Devices4Schools is that it is designed for the local community.

For me the scheme worked fine – super easy-to-follow guidelines. I sorted out my laptops and emailed the school to arrange drop off - they were very responsive and appreciative. Everyone was happy in the end. The hardest part of it was to press the power button on the old laptop to actually start the process. But inspired by the scheme, I managed to overcome this 'obstacle'. 

Donating your unwanted device

The first phase of  the Devices4Schools scheme is aimed at University staff and students who have personally owned laptops, tablets or mobile phones that they would like to donate to Oxfordshire schools.  

Our guide How to prepare IT equipment for donation explains how to:  

  • check that your equipment is suitable   
  • make sure there are no licensing issues, and   
  • securely wipe your device to remove personal data/account settings etc.

In the first instance, the scheme is working with a trust in Abingdon. Please ensure you follow government guidance on travel before setting off.

If you would like further information or have a device to donate and would like some assistance, please contact the Devices4Schools scheme at devices@it.ox.ac.uk.